Print Matters

Our print design is handled by the very same artists who also handle your web design. We retain the same designers for each client to preserve continuity and ensure your brand is successfully expressed in both environments. Letting Sticky Feet Creative design and manage your entire print and web experience guarantees your customers will recognize you at “hello”.

Our Web Design team has its roots deeply planted in traditional soil. We love the roots of our design heritage, and it shows in our creative expression on the web. We charted the new direction for web design, moving it away from blinking, reversed text and neon greens, blues and yellows that could only be achieved in the relatively new RGB environment. The “traditionalists” realized that good effective communication and marketing had already been tested in the print world, and to carry on this continuity on the web was a part of the puzzle to a successful web strategy.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your dreams, visions and goals. We love this stuff… and don’t forget to check out our print portfolio.