The Creative Process

Step One: Discuss Your Needs

The first step to every project, weather it is a logo, brochure or website is determining your needs as well as understanding your product or company. After you have decided to work with us as your creative team for your next project, you fill out an intake form (found on this site). The intake form allows you to detail your project with prompted questions and comments. We schedule a meeting only if needed and/or desired so that we can better understand your goals, vision and expectations.

Step Two: Gather and Organize Your Content

The next step in embarking on your project is to gather and organize all the information and content that is necessary. We think through the information you want to present to your customers and determine primary critical information and what is less critical. Generally speaking, when we start your project it is best to focus on the essential information you want to most importantly communicate to your audience, and then embark on integrating more content down the road if necessary. By handling your project in this manner, we are able to work more quickly and meet your deadlines.

Step Three: Contemplate and Concept your Project

Before we jump right in, sometimes it can take some time to think about your project. Sometimes this entails only an hour, and sometimes days for larger scale projects. We look at your competitors, see what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. We look at your target audience/customer, and determine their demographic and conceive of design ideas that might be appealing and compelling.

Step Four: Start the Design

After we have completed the three previous steps, we are ready to put brush to canvas. This is where it gets fun, and where we see the project come to life. After we come up with presentable ideas, we provide you with a password to a page with your proofs so that you can view your project and give approval or make changes.